Thursday, January 24, 2008

US Weekly's Ten most powerful girls in Hollywood

Sadly I don't have time to dish on the following list more right now. Don't worry, I'll come back to it. In the mean time, check out the following Hollywood do-gooders and see if you think they deserve to make the list.

1.) Miley Cyrus
2.) Taylor Swift
3.) Rihanna
4.) Vanessa Hudgens ***
5.) Ashely Tisdale
6.) The Cheetah Girls (arg?!)
7.) Blake Lively
8.) Amanda Bynes
9.) Raven Symone
10.) Ellen Page


katdough said...

I think it's sad that Ellen Page is even grouped into a category with the rest of the girls on this list. At 20, she is older than most on the list. With her age comes much more experience and critical acclaim. She is more than a flash-in-pan, like say Ashley Tisdale and Amanda Bynes. Ms. Page is lined up to be one of the greatest actresses of her generation, both commercially and critically, and I can't say that the same is true for anyone else on that list. I also think that grouping musicians and actors into the same list is a bit misleading, as the standards for judging are different. Maybe I'm being a bit harsh, because all these girls are successful, but I really believe that Ellen Page is a cut above the rest.

cheekies28 said...

I don't even know who some of these people are; and I agree with the previous comment. People like Ellen Page should NOT be associated with the other girls on that list. They may have been successful, but not for the same reasons. They're performers, not actresses. I think there's a difference!

Anonymous said...

vanessa hudgens should be off anyone who takes nude pics. of themselves then posts it on the internet dosen't deserve to be a role model

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Anonymous said...

ya i think veness should be of but we should give her a second chance she hasent done a sex tape or anything