Sunday, January 27, 2008

Big Tough Wrestlers love Hannah Montana too!

I was commentating the WOLV broadcast of the University of Michigan wrestling meet versus Minnesota the other night and came across a great informational tidbit in the players media guide. Wrestler Steve Luke said he'd prefer watching Hannah Montana to watching the Super Bowl, World Series, or NBA Championships. I had a chance to ask Luke about his Hannah love.


Anonymous said...

Jeff Hardy- I will never lose respect for this man. He puts his body on the line and loves to do what he does best. He is a great wrestler and I believe that he deserves to have a major title. He's worked so hard for it and all the fans are behind him. SO the WWE needs to push him! They just need to do it already! lol

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Anonymous said...

I also love to watch Hannah Montana.
I think this a proud moment for Hennah that Wrestler Steve Luke Wrestler loves to watch Hannah Montana.If I was a wrestler I'll also say definitely this thing.

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