Sunday, January 20, 2008

Hilary Who?

While searching YouTube for an appropriate video to put with my Miley story, I came across this, and as per usual it got me thinking (dangerous, I know).
Miley has been compared to Hilary Duff on more than one occasion, and I have read in a number of locations that she has a great love and respect for her Disney protege. But this clip sums their relationship up. Hilary Duff was Disney's "has been". She got her start with Lizzie McGuire, chose not to ride along with the Disney machine after her 65 episode stint, and as a result...well...
Some will argue she's had a lot of success. I suppose I am one of those. She has had platinum selling albums, hit movies, and a successful clothing and fragrance line. Others will claim she's gone downhill. With the movie hits have certainly come flops, and with the album sales have certainly come slumps. But Duff has scored in one category: staying out of trouble. The 20 year old has dodged most of the tabloid ferver (with the exception of the weight issue, which seems to plague all of Hollywood thus not making Duff an exception). Duff hasn't landed in jail, isn't on E! every night for some social distraction, and hasn't gotten pregnant. In Hollywood that's the good girl tri-fecta.
But where has Hilary been as of late? Well she HAS been on the January cover of Cosmo. And, the star apparently has a big year ahead. She has two movies slated to come out in 2008, one an animated piece ("Foodfight"), the other a satire in which she stars alongside John and Joan Cusack, Sir Ben Kingsly, and Marisa Tomea ("War Inc."). She is also RE-releasing her most recent album complete with a couple new tracks ("Dignity"). All this while she maintains a hot relationship with hockey star Mike Comrey. You go girl.
So Hilary Duff may not be in the spotlight, or in the tabloids, but she certainly isn't the "Has Been" that many have labeled her. This girl is just getting started.

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I really liked the movie

I love ya miley or hannah


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