Sunday, January 20, 2008

More Miley Mania

I don't know what to say anymore...but I feel like I have to keep posting about Miley Cyrus, the teen phenom who has inspired more responses to my posts on this blog than any other celebrity.
Miley is making headlines again as she recently hit the red carpet to promote her "Best of Both Worlds" 3D movie. The film, which is a look at the concert that has sold out nation wide, is only in theaters for a week. What is getting headlines is the fact that already the vast majority of showings for the movie are ALREADY sold out!
If I am a Disney executive this is the best thing since bottled water. Think about it: you are re-selling an already hot product to a bunch of celebrity-struck tweens.
The fifteen year old Cyrus just recently released her first official music video (I don't count anything airing on the Disney Channel). Her music is getting serious airplay...(again I don't count Radio Disney), just look on xm's 20 on 20 website for proof.
I can't help but remain in awe. What will Miley, and Disney, do next? (Besides the Hannah Montana movie...)

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