Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I'm officially the worst Entertainment blogger ever...

My sincerest apologies. I have been neglecting this blog and in doing so have failed to comment on some serious entertainment news. I'll be honest, I've logged on to blog at least five times over the last's just every time I went to enter text I found myself so thoroughly disgusted with the Entertainment world and the celebrities I was to be writing about that I quit, before I could write something I'd later regret. All this has brought me to this point...the point of no return...the point where I finally take out my aggression on the entertainment world and hope you'll understand.
I'll start with Britney. Maybe that's all I should say. Maybe I should ignore the Spears family in general. I mean, over the last month Jamie Lynn's announced she's knocked up, Brit's gotten her kids taken away (AGAIN), the whole family has gotten in a fight with Dr. Phil...I could go on but just thinking about it frustrates me. Why should we even care? I am a die hard entertainment enthusiast and even I don't give a shit anymore. These people are horrible roll models, they need serious help, and yet we stand here pretending we're all high and mighty as we watch their public demise. I don't know about you but I really don't feel any better about myself watching the Spears family crumble. Instead I feel kind of guilty. I feel like I might be part of the problem. Hell, I'm one of the interested parties that financially support the entertainment industry and thus fuel the photographers who incessantly hound Britney and her family. If it were not for the industry that made her into a teen sex phenomena, Brit might have grown up living a relatively normal life. I don't really blame me. But I blame society, and the way we worship celebrities sometimes. If we are going to worship people why not doctors who find new treatments for cancer, or teachers who spend their days educating America's youth? What do celebrities do for us? I don't even want to answer that. Why? Because there are good celebrities out there. Just like with the rest of the world one bad apple seems to always spoil the bunch. Not ever celebrity is a stuck up, spoiled, self-centered, ass. But the ones that are always seem to get the most attention. And thus, my rant.
I'm frustrated again. Time to move on. Oh wait, my other topic on conversation pisses me off too.
Damn it can we get this over with already? I'm beyond my own selfish reasons for the strike. The fact that all my favorite shows are already moving into reruns is something I can get over with. TV shouldn't dominate my life. But this is certainly an inconvenience and I am certainly annoyed. What gets me is that the strike has moved beyond making a point. It's gone from examining a wrong, to getting greedy. And what gets me is that it isn't hurting the people that are protesting the most. The strike isn't hurting the people you see with picket signs on TV. No, their fat contracts have allowed them to take time off to demonstrate their points. Their families don't depend on their incomes for housing and food. It's the people that are employed while shows are in production, those not associated with the WGA, that are being affected. They are the ones who are now jobless and without pay, whose families are dependent upon their pay checks and who are now in serious trouble.
So what if the Golden Globes got the axe. So what if Johnny Depp didn't get to accept his People's Choice award at a live ceremony. Do you really think anyone in the industry cares? Award show season is a crock anyways. Celebrities are on vacation, spending time with their families, enjoying the opportunity to expand their careers by testing the waters elsewhere (like shooting a movie, for example). Networks are getting around the strike by airing formerly shelved series, and mass producing reality shows. I just feel like the issues could have been resolved already. Every day the strike lingers on millions of dollars get flushed down the drain. For what? Will somebody just give in already. Compromise. Work together. They supposedly teach that stuff in elementary's a shame no one involved in this process learned any of it.
So there you have it. All my pent up energy has been blogged about now. I will attempt to be more diligent in my blogging. I just want to be clear that reporting on entertainment news isn't what this blog is about. You can check Yahoo! for that. This blog is about examining the news, and finding the real story. It's about saying what Yahoo! entertainment writers aren't allowed to, but so often try to allude to in their writing. This blog is about opinion, right or wrong. So take a stand. Respond, let me know what you think. That's truly entertaining.

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