Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Stallone on Steroids?

Sylvester Stallone has admitted to using the extremely controversial HGH (human growth hormone) to help bulk up for his latest film, Rambo. The actor laughs at those claiming the drug is a steroid and insists that in ten years people will be getting the drug over the counter.
Is that really what we want to be hearing from a celebrity though? In the midst of the Major League Baseball fiasco along with other major league and olympic sports crack downs on performance enhancing drugs are Stallone's comments outrageous and grossly inappropriate? In his statement he certainly seems to be advocating the use of performance enhancing drugs (while he only specifically sites HGH, he opens the door for others with his comments). How do you tell a teenage athlete now that HGH is wrong when Rocky himself has used it? It is like when Paris Hilton got pulled over for a DUI and claimed that it wasn't that bad because she'd only had a few and her blood alcohol level wasn't 'that much' over the legal limit. Her statement practically advocated drinking and driving. While Stallone may not want to advocate performance enhancing drug use, he has to be careful how his speech can be interpreted. Celebrity's statements can often be mis-construed and/or taken more seriously than the average persons comments.
I think Stallone is wrong on this one. Performance enhancers, including the use of HGH, are wrong and can cause significant harm if used improperly. Just like with marajuana, there can be medicinal reasons for use. But recreational use is dangerous and inappropriate.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of former "bad asses" John Mccain is being endorsed by Arnold Schwarzenegger. This is in retaliation to Mike Huckabee's campaign ad in which he is supported by Chuck Norris. So my question is who would you want to have your back, The Governator? or the man who invented the Roundhouse Kick and endorses the Total Home Gym? It is really sad about the real Italian Stallion. What ever happened to running up stairs and punching meat?
-the half italian stallion

Billy said...

Most ballplayers today are taking homeopathic hgh oral spray because it's safe, undetectable, and legal for over the counter sales. As time goes on it seems it might be considered as benign a performance enhancer as coffee, aspirin, red bull, chewing tobacco, and bubble gum.

Anonymous said...

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