Monday, January 14, 2008

Christina Gives Birth...and her baby's name is normal!!!

Christina Aguilera is officially a mommy. Her and hubby Jordan Bratman welcomed their 6 pound 2 ounce baby boy into the world on Sunday. I'm going to admit I'm bummed. I thought for sure Christina would follow in fellow celebrity footsteps and pick a name that only the child of a celebrity could have without getting picked on. Instead, Max Liron Bratman will grow up with a normal name to go along with his abnormal lineage. I wonder if his pipes are as strong as his mommies? I have a feeling she'll know soon enough as cries eventually fill her home. Can you image the set of lungs that kid must have?
SO congrats please DON'T follow in Brit's footsteps and instead attempt to be a normal parent (and by normal I mean don't do ANYTHING Brit has ever done).


Anonymous said...

I too am glad to see a Hollywood baby with a NORMAL name. It means "beautiful song" or "my best song" or something like that. It's nice to see celebrity parents NOT naming their kid after fruit. (*cough* Apple...)

Anonymous said...

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