Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Nick Allows Jamie Lynn to return to PCA

Nickelodeon decided that ratings trump controversy...and thus made the decision to air the fourth season of its hit show "Zoey 101". In the wake of it's star's pregnancy announcement, the network contemplated canceling the series. In the season three finale Jamie Lynn's character Zoey Brooks headed off to London in a cliff hanger that would have allowed Nick to pull the plug.
But the season three finale which attracted a record 7.3 million viewers (more than watched Big sis Brit make an idiot of herself at the VMA's) thus prompting execs to stick with the show that had already wrapped shooting its fourth season this past summer.
I really don't give a shit here. To be honest it's nice to know that at least one series on TV won't be airing RERUNS in the coming months. And maybe Nick can spin the show to eventually cover important topics like teen pregnancy. And, from a business standpoint it's certainly the right move. When the Disney machine is hoarding audiences with cash cows like "Hannah Montana" and "High School Musical" if you have something that works, you'd be an idiot to pull the plug.
So to all you parents out there on the verge of disallowing your children to continue watching the series because of Jamie Lynn's bad behavior...think twice. Instead turn it into an educational opportunity and communicate with your kids about safe sex. Besides, wouldn't you rather have them watching "Zoey 101" than any of those other awful Nickelodeon shows?


cheekies28 said...

Although I agree with this, it still blows my mind how YOUNG girls, who should be role models, are getting pregnant, drinking, taking racey pics of themselves that ALWAYS get into the wrong hands (AND THIS INCLUDES MILEY!)...What kind of idea is this going to give our young and impressionable viewers?

alykat said...

if zoey uses the baby she is havin in march in an eposode of zoey101 it would be awsome and seein she is goin back to pca that surprises me cause of her havin the baby i think her leavin for good would be the end the peeps who rite this zoey101 are the bomb keep going

Anonymous said...

I agree! I love the show though, and they should put in some safe issues about it! Yougn girls like MILEY arn't getting pregnent!..Just PRUESSURE!!