Wednesday, January 23, 2008

More TV Viewing options

If my aforementioned STARZ! shows aren't striking a chord...maybe you are in the mood for some demolition and super-charged fun. The Discovery Channel has a brand new episode of "Smash Lab". Think "Myth-Busters" only with more adrenaline. Of course, being the awesome entertainment director that I am, I've provided you with a sample video from the show. You can justify not doing your homework to watch because there is a good chance you will learn something by watching the show ;) (That's what I tell myself when I watch TV all the time. I learn a ton from watching CSI, you know for when I decide to enter the medical and/or science field...never. Oh well).

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Anonymous said...

Mythbusters is my favorite show on Discovery Channel. Except when it isn't shark week. I recommend checking out the Planet Earth DVDS. Thats some good viewing.
-the half italian stallion