Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Buzz: Harry Potter going nude on Broadway, Mike Myers new MTV role, Barron's punishment

*Harry's "Potter"
-Daniel Radcliffe has already given fans a chance to get personal with his role in Equus during its run in London. Now the Harry Potter star will share his goods, and his acting skills, with Americans as he'll reprise his role in the play for a 22-week run on Broadway. I have a feeling that this will create a whole new group of Broadway lovers...

*Mike Myers MTV gig
-MTV has announced that Austin Powers funnyman Mike Myers will be the host of the MTV Movie Awards June 1st. So what does Mike have to say about his new gig? "Hosting the MTV Movie Awards is like a party, but without having to do beer runs in your mom's mini van; we do beer runs in Will Smith's four-story motor home."

*Following in Lindsay's footsteps
-Barron Hilton has pled no contest to his D.U.I. As a result Paris' brother will serve three years probation, and like Lindsay Lohan before him, be forced to visit a morgue. There's nothing like seeing dead people to set you straight. The 18 year old heir will also be without a license for an entire year. Gee, that must suck. He'll have to hire someone to drive him around.

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