Wednesday, April 23, 2008

More Miley...

I'm thinking of starting a pool. It will be like the ones people make when they try to guess when a pregnant woman is finally going to give birth only MINE is going to guess when there will be a day when Miley Cyrus doesn't make headlines. I'm not putting my money on anything within the next two years.
Recently there has been more buzz about risque internet pictures. MSN brought new scandalous photos to light on their homepage this week. That isn't the story that has most caught my attention, however. The Miley headline that caught my attention this week is the one that claims the star is going to be writing her memoirs. SHE'S FIFTEEN FRICKEN YEARS OLD!!! Honestly, I know Miley has experienced more in her short life than many people three times her age, but still is it necessary for her to "write" a memoir?
The book is set to be released next spring (great timing considering that's when the new Hannah Montana movie is scheduled to hit theaters). Miley says, "I am so excited to let fans in on how important my relationship with my family is to me. I hope to motivate mothers and daughters to build lifetimes of memories together and inspire kids around the world to live their dreams."
The book deal is worth seven figures. Let's put it this way: If Miley stays on her current path as a goody-two-shoes (which I totally endorse, by the way) than this will be one BORING book.

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