Friday, April 4, 2008

The Buzz: Dressing up in Brit, Cage gets an apology, Scarlett's trying to sing too

* Dressed like a Brit
Britney Spears doesn't just want to be a bad role model, she wants to be a model for children's clothing. The former Mousketeer and mother of two wants to tap into that inner child by starting a line with Hollywood outfitter Ed Hardy.

*Sorry and then Some
-Lying is bad news. Kathleen Turner found that out the hard way as the ruling from London's High Court of Justice granted Nicolas Cage an apology and then some. The "Peggy Sue Got Married" co-star will also owe Cage damages as a result of the libel suit brought against Turner and her publisher for an excerpt from the book Send Yourself Roses. In the book Turner claims that Cage was arrested twice for drunk driving and once for stealing a Chihuahua.
Seriously super stars don't need to steal puny little dogs. Get real.

*Another actress attempts to sing.
-Scarlett Johnasson is getting ready to release her first solo album. Anywhere I lay my Head is due out May 20th. Here is my question: Can she actually sing? If you've seen The Other Boleyn Girl you know that she tests her vocal chords out in that one...and its SERIOUSLY painful. I know she was acting, but still...I can't imagine she could get THAT much better. Then again, technology is a wonderful thing.

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