Monday, April 7, 2008

The Buzz: Entertainment news from Abroad, More song leakage

*Busy Brits
-British news reports indicate that the very adorable Prince Harry (hey I've seen him in person and can totally vouch for his hotness!) is not off the market. The Prince apparently popped the question to Chelsy Davi while on a safari in Botswana. I didn't know people actually vacationed in Botswana. Then again, when you have as much money as the royal family you can probably vacation wherever the heck you want.

*The Verdicts In...Princess Di's Driver and Paps to blame for Death
-It's been more than ten years since everyone's favorite Princess and Dodi Fayed,boyfriend and son of Harrod's owner, died tragically in a motor vehicle accident in a Paris underpass. The results of an official inquest are out. It was deemed that the actions of the vehicle's driver and the pursuing paparazzi caused the unlawful deaths. Recklass speeds and the lack of seatbelt use also contributed to the crash.

* New music on the Internet..."It Sucks".
-Kelly Clarkson found four yet unreleased songs leaked onto the internet this week. The demos were featured on a music blog and were obviously a work in progress. Kelly voiced her opinion of the leak saying to Billboard that, "The fact that people have heard music that's not ready yet sucks,but I hope they like it." The country inspired tracks (Kelly did just wrap up her tour with Reba McIntire) have already been taken down from the site. Bummer.

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