Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Buzz

* Reject gets to try buying love again
-The Bachelor's DeAnna Pappas couldn't keep the "love" that she and Brad Womack had going...so ABC has decided to let her give it a second go. May 19th Pappas will be introduced to 25 hot single and incredibly shallow men in this season's Bachelorette. I guess ABC couldn't find any other incredibly desperate and insincere women to fill the role.

* Jay-Z and Beyonce getting legit....like FOR REAL YO
- According to People.com, Rapper Jay-Z and singer Beyonce have taken out a marriage license. The couple got the license in New York and it will be good for 60 days (plenty of time for either of them to get cold feet).

* Janet Jackson feeling gay over award
-I'm sorry. My play on words was semi-inappropriate, but kind of funny. Janet Jackson is being honored by
the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation the 19th Annual GLAAD Media Awards on Saturday, April 26. Question: Why are they honoring Janet Jackson? They are honoring Ellen Degeneres but that makes sense...so what has Jackson done for GLAAD?

* CSI is da sh*t
-The original CSI is set to produce a 9th season and star and executive producer William Peterson is already on board. He reportedly signed a contract for a whopping 600,000 dollars AN EPISODE!!! The star will, however, not appear in as many episodes due to his role in the Chicago play Dublin Carol. It's ok... I bet even in the episodes where Gill is away the rest of the Las Vegas crew will STILL totally nail the bad guy!

*Daniel Craig: Looks Can Kill
-Ok, so Daniel Craig's looks might not be able to kill, but they HAVE earned him the top spot on GQ's list of "Britain's Best Dressed Man". Maybe it's just me...but I prefer Craig WITHOUT clothing.

*Jennifer Aniston creates film corporation so she'll have more to star in
-The former Friend's star has hooked up with partner Kristen Hahn to create Echo Films. The new company has already snagged a first-look deal with Universal Pictures and has already acquired a number of projects for which Aniston can star. Seriously, could she not find work elsewhere? Was it necessary for her to create her own production company to keep her name in lights? I love Jennifer Aniston, but even I think this is borderline ridiculous.

*90210 gets '1'
- The first cast member for the new 90210 spinoff has been officially cast. The CW's Justin Milligan will play a, "likeable, genuine...star athelte" says the show's producers. Yeah what an original role. I wonder what sport he'll play. My money's on Basketball or Football. His picture has him pegged as more of a basketball guy, but One Tree Hill totally already has that covered. Maybe he'll branch out and play something sweet like lacrosse!

*Britney is trying to time travel...hasn't figured out it isn't possible
-Poor Britney Spears thinks that time travel is possible. She has re-hooked up with former manager Larry Rudolph in an attempt to bring back the success of her "Hit Me Baby One More Time" days.

* I'd wear Patrick Dempsey...oh wait it's just a perfume
-I never would have thought I'd associate Patrick Dempsey with Avon, but McDreamy is set to be the new face of the company's latest fragrance. According to ETOnline, "Dempsey will launch his own men's fragrance this fall, even acting as creative director for the new scent." Yum. Dempsey will be smelling a little green too, as he'll reportedly make between five and six million dollars for his work.

*Steve-O may be insane but he has sobering outlook on life
-Having been hospitalized in the psych ward at the Cedars-Sinai medical center has given Steve-O time to establish a new outlook on life. The star has been dealing with reckless behavior issues and drug and alcohol abuse. Imagine that? I don't know about you but most NORMAL people I know attempt bodily harm to themselves and others on a daily basis...NOT! Steve-O has been blogging from the hospital and expects he'll complete his treatment by April 8th.

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