Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Buzz: Idol Gives Back-a lot, More Marie, Beckham's Boo Boo, Ashlee Engaged

*American Idol is the gift that keeps on giving. It's been giving Fox great ratings for 7 seasons, it's been giving record execs hot selling artists, and it's been giving back to charity. During Idol's "Idol Gives Back" episode last night Ryan Seacrest delighted fans everywhere by announcing that now Idol will be giving mail too. Fans of the show will soon be able to purchase Idol stamps featuring Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, and the rest of the season's winners. Of course, net proceeds will go "Idol Gives Back". You can send Kelly Clarkson's face to your friends by going to or

*Marie Osmond thinks people still care
-Poor Marie Osmond. She's under the impression that she's still uber-popular. Granted there are still fans left out there from her "Donny and Marie" days (they were kind enough to support her on Dancing with the Stars) but no one under 35 gives a crap about a washed up former musician. Osmond is hoping to chance this by writing a new book, "Might as Well Laugh About it Now". It's set to hit shelves in 2009. How much you want to bet that Marie will promote her own book on the upcoming talk show she's set to host?

*Beckham's Boo Boo
-I love it when celebrities get pulled over. I love it even more when they get a ticket! I'm not sadistic...I just like seeing justice being applied to all. David Beckham is the most recent recipient of police attention. He was pulled over in his Cadillac Escalade while running errands in Hollywood. I hope Becks can afford the fine...

*Ashley Simpson and Pete Wentz engaged
-Jessica's younger sister is finally engaged! The actress/musician* (cough, cough. Sorry I still have doubts she can actually do either) and her rocker beau made it official by offering a statement on a website. Here's the good news: We won't be subject to the whole "I'm a virgin this is a big day for me" bull crap that we suffered through when big sis Jessica got married. I wonder if preacher/dad Joe is going to perform the ceremony...

*I beat you Perez
-This is more a personal pat on the back. I reported yesterday on Natalie Portman's new beau. Today the story appears on It isn't often that I can one up the self-proclaimed "Queen of Media", so when it happens I have to gloat.

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