Monday, April 7, 2008

Jonas Mania commence...

Tween girls already have something to be giddy about...the Disney Channel has just released the new trailer for Camp Rock starring the incredibly popular Jonas Brothers. Nick, Joe, and Kevin star in the new High School Musical-esque film. It has singing, dancing, and, of course, a love story wrapped in a positive message or two.
The Jonas Brothers have been happily riding the wave of success they've garnered from opening for Miley Cyrus on her "Best of Both Worlds" concert tour. They'll soon be headlining their own tour as well as staring in a reality show based on the experience.
So we know they can sing...but can they act? They've already made numerous guest appearances on Disney Channel shows, including a very successful spot in an episode of "Hannah Montana". Their skills are perfectly on par with the low-level acting usually featured in Disney Channel productions.
So this is your warning...parents and kids alike, be on the lookout for Disney's mass marketing push regarding everything Camp Rock from now until the end of summer.


Anonymous said...

The Jonas Brothers just finished their first headlining tour - the Look Me In the Eyes Tour - in March 2008. They are in England & Europe now touring with Avril and will be embarking on their SECOND headlining tour - The Burning Up Tour - on July 4, 2008. They sold out Madison Square Garden - twice.

Anonymous said...


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