Monday, April 7, 2008

Prom Night: A Night to Laugh About

Gosh I miss High School, especially the prom...wait a I don't! I do find it fitting that Hollywood has decided to remake the 1980 horror classic inspired by the antiquated event, though. Brittany Snow has taken over for Jamie Lee Curtis is this modern day retelling.
I have only bothered to write about his after my mother and I saw the trailer over Easter and instead of being the slightest bit scared, found ourselves laughing out loud.
I laughed at the fact that the last two Brittany Snow films have featured Quiet Drive's "Time After Time". Not to mention, the fact that this film (or at least its trailer) takes itself WAY to seriously.
I've put the trailer below just in case you want to decide for yourself. If you are brave enough to go see Prom Night in theaters it opens this Friday.

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