Monday, March 26, 2007

Um, Hayden you don't actually DRINK from the Stanley Cup

So I have scoured the Internet for something interesting to post. I'm pretty sure my AMCULT homework is more exciting than what Hollywood's finest have been dishing out lately. Even TV is boring. I kid you not Heroes Hayden Panettierre was on FIVE channels at once when I flipped on the TV. You could watch her in Raising Helen, Heroes, Ice Princess, Racing Stripes, and Bring It On: All or Nothing. Oh, I almost forgot, Hayden also was the spotlight on MSNBC's storied photograph page. By the way do you like the inclusion of photos now? I'm doing my best to spiff this page up a bit.
Speaking of TV movies, I would like to go on a small rant about how I despise the "this film has been edited for content and the time allotted' bull that is responsible for taking some of the best scenes out of movies. Let's use Ten Things I Hate About You for example. It is an entirely different movie when it appears on TV. The scenes with Ms. Perky are edited to the point where punch lines disappear and a once ridiculously funny portion of the film turns into a confusing and very unfunny section.
Ok now that I'm done with that...back to the "celebrity news" that is online. Lindsay Lohan and John Mayer have supposedly spent some time together. I am starting to believe Dina Lohan. I don't think Lindsay was in rehab for alcoholism, I think she was in rehab for being a serious slut. Ok that was harsh. I take it back...kind of. It just seems like everyday she is in the tabloids hanging all over some new Hollywood hunk. Maybe it's jealously. Who WOULDN'T want to be able to get with all those fine specimans? Either way I'm excited to see Lindsay back in the news for something non-rehab related.
In honor of TMNT's reign at the box office I have scoured IMDB to find a good piece of trivia for you guys. I found it!
*Oscar-nominated actor Mako was announced as the voice of Splinter at San Diego Comic Con the day before he died. Fortunately, he had finished the majority of his acting. TMNT was his last film.

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