Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Out of Prison into life?

So today I post a question for those of you loyal enough to be reading my work. If your dad were to get himself put in jail and you were to go off and become famous, would you want to reconcile when he got back out of the slammer? That is the question Lindsay Lohan will have to think about while she is in (or out I can't keep track) or rehab. Daddy Lohan is officially a free man and he is looking to rekindle that lovey-dovey relationship he and little linds had together back in the day. Personally I think it depends of the situation. If he and Linds weren't close before he got locked up then I would think that there is a great chance he is just looking for a piece of the Hollywood pie that Lindsay's been cooking. I honestly can't even imagine that though. It is almost like when a person becomes famous and suddenly friends they never knew they had start re-appearing in their lives. That has to be a really difficult thing to deal with. If we still had our gossip segment I'd love to hear our gossip-guru rant about this in La-Lohan Lowdown. Oh how I miss gossip (which is precisely why I started this blog, by the way).

Next up on the to-talk about list is Shrek 3. Is it necessary? I was so happy with Shrek, and even Shrek 2, but I think the novelty of Mike Meyers and Cameron Diaz as ogres is wearing really thin. Now I love the animated music scenes (Eddie Murphy signing "I'm all alone...") and I think much of the humor is original and creative, BUT there has to be a time (7th Heaven are you paying attention here) when you say enough is enough. I give Hilary Duff credit for least she new when Lizzie McGuire has extended it's stay in mainstream media and didn't sign on to do a movie sequel or show extension. It's possibly the only smart thing Duff has done in the past five years (check that...I was a fan of the Cheaper By the Dozen movies, but I can't say that had anything to do with her being in them...they just made a shitload of money).

While I'm ranting I would like to point out that I LOATHE this point in the TV season. Shows keep going on hiatus and it is really cramping my style. For example, Heroes is off until like the end of April. I'm sorry but I can't wait that long. You can't give me a "too be continued" and expect me to be patient for over a month in order to find out what the hell happened. That is CRUEL AND UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT PEOPLE. I know that those of you who watch Grey's are feeling the same way. We don't get to take a month off in the middle of school or work so why should the networks' hottest shows get to? The actors in those shows don't work year-round anyways. Why do they need a break? Heroes already took a hiatus so that the cast could celebrate the show's first awards show season. I waited then and I am not happy to be waiting now (can you tell I am a slightly impatient person?).

I could go on for a while. And I want to (it's better than doing homework), but you are tired of reading this and I have work I really should do and thus I will leave you with today's movie quote(s). Today's film was another late nineties teen hit. The script was reviewed by M. Night Shyamalan and it was filmed at the same high school that Sarah Michelle Gellar's Buffy the Vampire Slayer was shot. Do you know it yet? Fine I'll tell. "She's All That"

Laney Boggs: I feel just like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. You know, except for the whole hooker thing.

Laney Boggs: Screw the dolphins.
Jesse Jackson: A guy tried that last year, banned from Sea World for life.

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