Thursday, March 29, 2007

I thought American Idol was about bad

The first season of American Idol (and the last one that I watched with any consistency) was all about the talent. The quality of people's voices was what helped propel them to the next round. This week all the talk about the latest version of Fox's hit show has been all about one of the contestant's hair. The fact that more emphasis had been put on that than the actual quality of any of the contestant's vocal abilities is really quite scary. One of the these people is going to get a record contract and become a pop culture icon, and I am going to be inevitably forced to listen to their songs on the radio, at dances, or on the soundtracks to movies...because of this I would prefer that they actually have the ability to sing. I don't care what their hair looks like at this point in their career.
I'd rant more but I have to get ready for tonight's show. Who knows maybe we'll talk about this more

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