Tuesday, March 27, 2007


There has only been one show that I have watched with regularity on MTV over the past eight years. In fact there hasn't been very many shows on the network that have stayed on for eight whole seasons. Ashton Kutcher pulled people in with Punk'd. What could be better than watching our favorite celebrities get scared shitless and be made to look like bumbling idiots on TV? Who could forget the time that Justin Timberlake started crying thinking that the IRS was going to take all of his beloved possessions. What other show can feature celebrities like Hilary Duff, Lindsay Lohan, The Rock, Brittany Snow, Rachel Bilson, Jessica Alba, Jesse McCartney, and Zach Braff (I could continue listing but I am running out of space and time). I say thank you Ashton for eight years of quality television.

Here is some trivia for those of you who liked/like the show as much as I do.
*Wilmer Valderrama has been punk'd more than any one else on the show.
*Kutcher failed to punk Neve Campbell TWICE
*Kutcher was punk'd himself by MTV execs before the show even aired.

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