Saturday, March 24, 2007

Did someone really use the words "golden globe" and "Hilary Duff" in the same sentence?

Our good old friend Hilary Duff is back in the news again. Blaming the media for her severe weightloss is nothing new, her new leading role is, however. Duff has apparently signed on for a role in "The Emancipation of Johnny" which will be shot in Australia and is currently in pre-production. Normally a Duff movie role wouldn't get space on the Ebuzz blog, but something about this headline caught my attention. In the first two articles I read regarding the new film I found the same startling quote:
"The film is a heart-felt, emotional drama; one in which will be Hilary Duff's most engaging yet - her metamorphosis from amateur to 'Golden Globe nominated' worthy actress."

I couldn't make this shit up, I promise you. I will be the first to admit that I have watched almost every one of Hilary Duff's past cinematic disasters (come on, I know I wasn't the only one who saw Chad Michael Murray and Jennifer Coolige provide some laughs in 'A Cinderella Story'). While I have enjoyed her past performances I have never imagined Duff as a serious actress. Then again, I never imagined Lindsay Lohan as a serious actress either. In a world full of "tween talent" (i.e. Hayden Panettierre, Lindsay Lohan, Hilary Duff, etc.) Duff has always seemed to fit right in. Her albums have sold millions, mostly to screaming 13 year old girls, and her movies have racked in millions at the box office (working with Steve Martin and Bonnie Hunt couldn't have hurt her cause either). Both of these successes have never been attributed to her incredible talent as either an actress or a singer, though. She has star quality, an innocent likability, and up until two years ago when she started becoming anorexic (ok I don't know that for sure, but she did loose a crap load of weight), she had a relate ability that other young starlets just couldn't match. Every little girl could see herself as "Lizzie McGuire". The question is, with new teeth, a new hair color, and a new attitude, can Duff be as relateable to the older masses? Apparently we'll find out when, "The Emancipation of Johnny" eventually hits theatres.

It is fitting that today's trivia be from a former Hilary Duff flick.
Believe it or not but Rupert Grint had originally gotten the role of Austin (now played by Chad Michael Murray) but had to turn it down in order to tape Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Evan Rachel Wood and Johnathan Jackson were set to star in Raise Your Voice, but had to give up the roles to Duff and Oliver James due to production changes. The movie was also originally title "Heart of Summer".

Finally the movie Material Girls was originally written for Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen before being made with Hilary and Haylie Duff. The Olsens got lucky as the movie, released in 1500 theatres, royally tanked.

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