Monday, March 19, 2007

Dancing with who?

So dancing with the stars is back. I always laugh that it's called "dancing with the stars" because most of the time it is really "dancing with the at one time popular people, or people who are only going to become stars because of this show". Granted Emmit Smith, Mario Lopez, and Drew Lachey had some love before they were on the show, they still were past their prime. The big question will be whether or not Dancing will challenge American idol for the top spot in the reality TV department. I think that Idol is past it's prime as well and even with the internal cast feuding is in need of something more to provide a spark to the dwindling show. I say this knowing that millions of people still can't get enough of Fox's hit. And, while many have tried (pussy cats dolls, grease you're the one that I want) no one else has been able to fully duplicate the success that Paula, Randy, and Simon have brought to the show.
Today's post is a quick one because I have to get to class, so I apologize that I don't have any good movie quotes to share with you today. I am thinking about changing it to movie trivia instead anyways. I always love useless trivia and I find that it is more useful than a movie quote. We'll see how it goes.

P.S. congrats to the WOLV broomball team for remaining undefeated and besting their opponents 3-1 in last night's big game.

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