Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sick of HSM

It's official. I'm High School Musicaled OUT! I am sad to admit that I have seen the movie (I was babysitting...). I'll be honest and admit that I can see why it has millions of fans around the world. The music is catchy, the stars are clean-cut and good looking, the only thing it lacks is good acting (something we shouldn't expect from the Disney channel...case in point- Hilary Duff). And just like Disney's tween queen Hilary Duff, the High School Musical brand has out-lived expectations. It has gone from movie, to soundtrack, to clothing line, to stage show, and-now is official hitting the ice. All of this and the sequel hasn't yet been released. I can't wait to see the Harry Potter like mania that surrounds the opening of the second HSM.
Maybe I am just jealous that a phenomena like this didn't exist for our generation. Granted we grew up with sappy dramas like Dawson's Creek and 7th Heaven (sadly still on TV by the way), but none of our fascinations had near the multi-media hype that HSM has had. There was no Dawson's clothing line, ice show, or broadway musical. Nope. All we had was re-runs and DVD releases.
That is my rant for the day. As promised I owe you all a quote or two from another movie. I struggled with this one, but I decided to break my own short-lived trend and throw a few out there from a feature film currently in theatres that has tugged at my heart strings. If you haven't seen it already, grab your mom and/or a girlfriend and go see "Because I Said So" (it would be too easy to say because I said so as a why to my recommendation...sorry).

You're not a helicopter, mom. Quit hovering.

Daphne Wilder: God couldn't be everywhere so that is why he invented mothers.
Maggie: What? That was on a Hallmark card we gave you

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