Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Brooks not Bad, Hilton finally behind bars

I'll start with the positive (hey I'm an optimistic gal...)... I went and saw Mr. Brooks last night. It was clever, original, intriguing, and suspensful. The acting was superb and lifted a so-so script to higher levels. Kevin Costner and Mel Brooks were phenominal. Dane Cook was alright, you could tell it killed him to have to play a serious role for once. The surprise of the show, for me anyways, was the performance of Danielle Panabaker. The young actress was really good, and underused. The plot line containing her was my favorite part of the movie and it begged to be expanded upon. It could almost be made into a killer sequel (pardon the pun). While Mr. Brooks won't get near as much attention as the other blockbusters of the season, if you are sick of Spidey and not a fan of Ocean's 13 than I suggest giving it a go.

Now for the nasty part of my column. Ok I'm not NASTY, I'm just honest. Paris Hilton is FINALLY in jail. Honestly I thought the whole thing was a joke, some publicity scam, I never thought she'd actually wind up in jail. I really just want the whole ordeal to be over with so entertainment reporters everywhere can go back to talking about things that actually matter. That wont' happen though, because joining Paris will soon be Lindsay Lohan who has once again checked into the celebrity hotel called rehab. I laugh when I talk about LL...people hyped her up to be the next big thing. And she is, she has the looks, the drama, the (dang I almost said talent)... People think that Lindsay has more talent and star potential than her former feud/squeaky clean tween queen Hilary Duff. Let's compare the two:
*Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen
-Is there anything positive to say about this Disney disaster?
*Herbie: Fully Loaded
- Wow she starred in a movie with a talking car...and it tanked
*Mean Girls
-I loved it...I think Rachel McAdams and the rest of the supporting cast were the reason for the movie's success but I'll give credit to Lohan for her spunk.
-one of the best films I've seen in a really long time. Lindsay had nothing to do with it's success though. Her role was small and overshadowed by the bigger names appearing in the movie.
*Prairie Home Companion
-Did you see it? I sure didn't. Maybe my grandma did though...
*Just My Luck
-I was lucky, until I spent money to see this movie. Bad just doesn't do it justice.
*Georgia Rule
-I want to see it...mostly due to the controversy surrounding Lohan's behavior while working on the film. I doubt it will win any awards though.
*I think she's had two albums. I don't know because after SPEAK things went downhill fast. Her song Rumors won over the club scene but there hasn't been much noise from her since. Although, I hear drinking ruins your vocal chords so she probably sounds like a horse now anyways.
I have to interject here because the female anchor at the station I am working at just came in yelling "Prince is on. Prince is on. He's my boyfriend. Look at him...he is one sexy MOFO". That was worth sharing. I don't think Prince and "sexy" have ever been used like that in a sentence before.

Hilary Duff:
*Agent Cody Banks
-the movie was the perfect tween film. Co-starring with Frankie Muniz was ingenious. The movie was bad, but in the best way possible-it banked big time.
*The Lizzie McGuire Movie
-If it ain't broke don't fix it...so Disney didn't fix it, they made it better. They took the successful TV series and blew it up. Not only did Hilary get to act, she got to jumpstart her singing career using this 100+ million dollar earner.
*Cadet Kelly
-The Dinsey Channel original film brought in the most viewers EVER for a TV movie. It eventually made it to DVD where tweens everywhere could relive their favorite military moments.
*A Cinderella Story
-Let's take Red HOT Chad Michael Murray (the star of one very popular ONE TREE HILL) add the comedic talents of Jennifer Coolige and Regina King and you've got a winner. The Cinderella storyline is a proven winner, and the fact that Hilary Duff doesn't sing in the movie (only in the soundtrack to the film) is an added bonus.
*Raise Your Voice
-This movie cracks me up. It was all about the music, but it didn't have a soundtrack. Oliver James was cute, as was Jason Ritter (too bad he died within the first fifteen minutes of the film) but that wasn't enough to carry this tune. It fell flat in theatres but it did work, once again, to promote Hilary as a musical talent.
*Cheaper By the Dozen (1 and 2)
-here is a career move. Team up with Steve Martin, Bonnie Hunt, Tom Welling, Piper Perabo, Eugene Levy, Carmen Electra, and Ashton Kutcher and you will most certainly have a winner. Both of these movies raked it in at the box office. Hilary's parts were huge, but she showed how important a supporting role can be, and she brought in hords of tweens to theatres.
*Material Girls
-Flop doesn't even begin to describe this disaster. Even Anjelica Houston couldn't revive this death wish. The script was written for Mary Kate and Ashley Olson (you know how great their previous films have been) but instead went to Hilary and Haylie Duff. Madonna's Maverick films made the movie, but it almost didn't get to theatres. No one wanted to pick it up. Thank God they did because if not a couple thousand tweens wouldn't have been able to suffer through that horrific piece of film-making.
-this album truly was a change for the teen queen who had previously lent her voice to a number of feature film soundtracks. It went multi-platinum and launched her into an undeniable stardom. All that other junk was well..."So yesterday"
*Hilary Duff
-catchy title for the lady's second album (not included her little Christmas diddy) but it still launched into stores thanks to a catchy single (Fly) and the release of the movie in which three of the songs were featured (Raise Your Voice).
*Most Wanted
-When you are 18 and you have a greatest hits album that says something. This third CD went with her Most Wanted tour that sold out nation-wide. She only put three new tracks on the album that, once again, sold like mad.
-Hil spent some time on this last one. Two years after her last release she had suffered a major breakup, a severe self-image change, and some family drama the Duffster took charge of her career and co-wrote every song on the new album. It worked. Her first single, With Love, is on the Top-40 charts and has been re-mixed for clubs. It was the feature song for her new commercial where she introduces her new perfume (also titled WITH LOVE). The video is sexy, mature, and well beyond what most HD fans are used to.

So who has had the better career up to this point? At times it may be hard to tell. Had Hilary decided to go clubbing and end up in rehab you might say her...the press would have had a reason to be all over her, and her movies would have earned more money thanks to fans who love drama. She didn't, though, and as a result has had to work that much harder to get in the spotlight. When she does land on a magazine cover, or in the chair next to Kelly Ripa, you know it's because she did something big business wise, not because she bonged a beer the night before. Moms have applauded her squeaky clean image with allowing their kids to be a fan... Now, at a mere 19 years old, Hilary has to get the rest of the world onboard. Are you in? If so you'll have a chance to soon catch the much more mature Hilary starring along John Cusack in War, Inc.

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