Thursday, June 21, 2007

Poor Miley...hell who am I kidding!

Hold on to your seats folks..I've got lots to gossip about today!!!

*SO the big story on and in this month's issue of People magazine is "Miley Cyrus: Keeping it Real". I read bits and pieces from the interview with Miley and her family and I just cringed. As a teen celebrity Miley Cyrus is already deprived a privacy that most 14 year old kids enjoy, but People took that to an extreme when they interviewed the folks. Come on...think about it. We are ALL embarassed by our parents at least once in a while. Imagine your folks telling a few milion people how they plan to "keep you grounded" and give away their methods of punishement when you do screw up. Friday, when People mag hits newstands, millions of readers will know that Miley gets her computer taken away when she gets in trouble, is bombarded with literature highlighting how her celebrity peers have messed up, and how her parents are working to keep her at home until she's 20. Ok, so the last few tidbits aren't that big a deal. Although you can totally tell Miley spends a lot of time on the road...otherwise her parents would be looking to get her out of the house before then :) Then again, maybe those are just my parents...
Either way I kind of feel bad for the young starlet. Now not only will her actions be under a microscope for the remainder of her career, she will even more closely scruntinized to ensure that she doesn't become the next Lindsay Lohan. At the same time, however, I give her parents some serious kudos. Putting their plan in public is a great way to keep their daughter in-line.

* Jessica Biel is still following hot hunk Justin Timberlake around Norway. I think they make a fantastic couple.

*Another 'People' story that caught my eye today was their spotlight on the Hanson boys. The brothers are now married with children. Two things: 1) I feel really old. 2) I am totally creeped out. I used to put posters of those boys on my bedroom walls. The thought of them married with children gives me the creeps. They can't possibly be that old!!!

I will continue this tirade at a later time. I am going to call it a night. Don't forget, if you are feeling as old as I am and want to dish about it you can shoot me an email!!!

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