Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bastille Day!!!

Paris is finally free!!! I've been SOO worried about the hotel heiress (NOT). It was wonderful to watch her run out to her mother's outstreched arms (nothing like a hug through a car window). So for the next week or so we'll get bombarded with the post-jail media hype...the Larry King live, Today show, Barbara Walters, interviews. Hopefully though, the cover of every magazine will no longer feature Paris' face. I'm ready for a change.

I've talked a lot about the summer blockbusters on this blog. It is easy to dish on the latest films to hit theatres and provide info about the celebs that star in them. I have failed to touch on my other favorite part of summer though...the new music mania!!! A number of new albums are hitting the charts and will be making waves. Until August there will be a juggle for who will be number one. And then, folks, I hate to tell you, but High School Music Mania will take over and the Disney machine will pump out enough cheesy pop melodies to keep the charts steadily in their possesion for the next few months.
In the meantime here is what has been making waves so far this summer...
Mandy Moore made her comeback with a surprisingly fresh and revamped sound when she released Wild Hope last week. Her first single, Extraordinary, has been making its way up the Top 40 charts and is a hit with the adult contemporary crowd.
Kelly Clarkson's much anticipated album My December is ready to hit stores. Her first single from the CD, Never Again, is a bonafide hit and the American Idol champ has been pushing the publicity tour hard.
Finally ( I have to get back to work) look for the Disney machine to pump out a hit BEFORE the HSM fanfare starts. Miley Cyrus is releasing a duel album featuring her first solo CD as well as a Hannah Montana season 2 release. I have a feeling tween nation will help sales skyrocket and push this one to the top. It comes out today so we'll certainly know soon enough.

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