Friday, June 15, 2007

Can the Super-sleuth make a comeback?

Here's the deal. Growing up I was a Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys addict. My mom had the original print versions of the 1950's Carolyn Keene novels and I was all over every copy. I scoured the shelves at my local library in hopes of uncovering a lost edition of my favorite mystery. So now, years later after all the books have long since dissappeared in the vastness of my shelves, I am bombarded with trailers for the the big-screen version of my favorite super-sleuth. And thus I ask myself...Can Nancy Drew make a comeback? Will she creep into the lives of the latest teen generation as she once did with me? I can say that her big screen debut promted me to dig up one of my old novels and give it another read. While it is severly dated (we no longer have luncheon or send telegrams) the basis for it's success has not changed much over the decades. We all love to see the intelligent, sophisticated, most often-underdog come out on top and nab the bad guys.
The big screen version of the book will star Emma Roberts, who thanks to some strong genetic material (you all know her aunt Julia) has been able to wow teen audiences in past roles with her vivacious charm. The writers of the film have been kind enough to keep many of the key elements from the novels---Ned Nickerson still serves as Nancy's love interest. Hannah Gruen still has a place as Nancy's housekeeper. And River Heights makes an albeit breif appearance as the former home of Mr. and Ms. Drew. I highly doubt I will head to theatres to see how my favorite super-sleuth solves the mystery...but you never know...someday, while I'm walking aimlessly through the aisles of my local video rental store, I may pick up the DVD copy and reminesce about the good old days.

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