Thursday, May 31, 2007

Magic Kingdom won't be so magic for long...

I used to think Magic Kingdom was...well...magic. But in 2009 Disney's theme park will have a new competitor that may just cast a spell over you. Universal Studios has announced plans for the new Harry Potter theme park...complete with Hogwarts and a number of other well-known locations from the books and movies. The lead art designer for the Harry Potter movies is leading the team of designers and with help too from author J.K. Rawling the park is sure to stay true to the world millions of readers and movie goers have grown to love. I would certainly stand in line for a trip aboard the Hogwarts Express!

I screened Knocked Up tonight. I haven't laughed in a movie that hard since the first Shrek came out. My stomach literally hurts right now. Fork over the 8 dollars and get a ticket because this one is really worth seeing in theatres. It's clever, refreshing, sometimes absurd, but most of all it is honest (in that Everybody Loves Raymond sort of way).

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