Thursday, June 28, 2007

Lets "Spice" things up a bit

God I'm on a roll...sorry I have had the catchy title fever lately and I think it's contagious. So the Spice Girls are making a come back. They have announced a brief tour this November-December that will prove there are just some things that shouldn't come back in style. Seriously no one wants to see "Baby" Spice or "Sporty" Spice in those outfits again. I would prefer to just pop in one of their old records and relive the old days in my mind. Then again, maybe I shouldn't be so pessimistic...I mean I was thrilled when the Backstreet Boys made a comeback and put out "Never Gone". Then again I liked the BSB a whole heck of a lot better than I like the Spice Girls.

Before I go back to work...I would like to laugh out loud to the fact that NO BODY in Germany wants Tom Cruise to be the lead in his upcoming movie. The guy he is supposed to be portraying doesn't even like him. To me, that's funny. Maybe Tom can use some of his Scientology bull crap to send some voodoo on those people and make them like him. I doubt it.

Oooh...One more thing...I screened Live Free or Die Hard the other day. Bruce is still the man. It is exactly what audiences expect/want from a Die Hard film. Bruce hasn't lost his touch and audiences will still be thoroughly engrossed in the film. I'd use the signature line here but I'm pretty sure that it's not

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