Friday, May 22, 2009

CW is Screwing me Over Again

Everytime I find a show I like the damn CW takes it away. It happened last year with Life is Wild (which, by the way, I fully admit was not a GREAT show, but it was given the worst time slot on the network so its survival rate was pretty low). This year it's happened again with Privileged. The witty comedy starring Joanna Garcia and Lucy Kate Hale was finally picking up steam when the network decided it wasn't worthy of a second season. Honestly? You pick up shows like One Tree Hill (which I love) and Smallville for their 75th seasons, but you won't continue to build a fresh new brand with more potential staying power? No wonder the network suffers. Look at their most popular shows: Gossip Girl and 90210. They're new. They're fresh. And they're taping into a new market and generation of TV viewers. One Tree Hill could have easily ended the series this year. The finale felt more like a series finale and viewers would have been (hell I was) thrilled with its conclusion. Don't pull a 7th Heaven and keep a show around until none of the original cast is even in it and no one cares anymore.
The other piece of bad news I read today is that the CW won't be picking up the spin-off pilot for the fall. Dawn Ostroff, the president of the network claims there's still hope for the show, especially for a mid-season pick up, but that there were so many good new pilots they were having a hard time making a decision. Well there shouldn't have been such a hard time. Every show Josh Schwartz touches turns to gold. Examples: The O.C. Chuck, and Gossip Girl. Why would you throw away a chance for another success with a built in fan base? Again I don't understand the decision making process. If Melrose Place starring Ashlee Simpson gets picked up over the Gossip Girl spin-off then Dawn Ostroff should be fired on the spot.

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