Sunday, May 17, 2009

"That's So Gay" PSA?

As I mentioned a few months back when celebrities used their star power to rock the vote, I love a good Hollywood PSA. Normally. That was until I came across this little gem. Hilary Duff is just one of a handful of celebrities who have joined to raise awareness for a "that's so gay" campaign. Apparently they don't want you to use "gay" as a replacement for "stupid". While I don't like the use of derogatory language that could be harmful to others I see a red flag with the dislike of this particular word.
Gay originally was inserted into the English language to mean "happy". Just because society decided to give it another meaning that described homosexuals, and has since used it as an adjective to describe poor taste doesn't mean it should be outlawed all together. I understand it may be offensive to some, but honestly I feel it's better than some of the other verbal options out there. As Dane Cook said on his special tonight if you have issues with that then you'll certainly need to remove the use of "raped" from your everyday vocabulary. The next time your putt holes out, you got over charged at a restaurant, or your friend killed you in online Halo don't even THINK about saying you got raped.
By the way, the following PSA is really gay.

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