Sunday, May 3, 2009

Leighton Meester: Another Duel Threat?

Leighton Meester has proven she can hang with the best of them as the star of the CW's hot teen drama Gossip Girl. Now it appears she'll try to become a legitimate duel threat as she's set to release an album this fall.
I'm not entirely sold on the idea that Meester can make it on the music side. If she does it will be with deep brooding melodies...don't look for her to pump out sugar pop anytime soon. Considering the Septmeber release date, I'm guessing the CW will do something similar to Bethany Joy Galeotti's musical breakout on One Tree Hill and tie the music into the show. I just hope that don't suddenly develop a storyline that allows Blair to become a budding musician (we've already seen that plot device used-BORING).
In Meester's defence, she appears to have a legitamate set of pipes. This YouTube video of her signing "Bette Davis Eyes" shows that with professional help she can put together a solid sounding record. Now the question remains whether or not she'll be able to make it sell.

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