Wednesday, April 15, 2009

When Celebrities do Awesome Things...

The latest Lindsay Lohan eHarmony video inspired me to search for other awesome celebrity spoofs worth viewing. It's so nice to know that in these tough economy conditions celebrities have found the time to break from their normally busy schedules to make viral videos.

Exhibit A: The Zach Efron Pool Party. With cameos from Brittany Snow, Vanessa Hudgens, Carmen Electra,Lance Bass, and the always funny Justin Long this one is one of my favorite.

Exhibit B: The M&M Cru. What other 16 year old on the planet could afford to put together a YouTube video as sophisticated as this AND enlist the help of a dozen hot celebs? None. Miley Cyrus once again proves she's the coolest teenager in America. You don't have to like her, but you have to admit the kid makes an entertaining video.

Exhibit C: Eva Longoria 'Sex Tape'. This is another Funny of Die classic. Kim Kardasian should have taken a lesson or two...

Exhibit D: Natalie Portman Puppies. This video makes no sense to me at all, but I love the fact that Natalie Portman is making fun of her own political activism and the puppies are genuinely adorable. Thus it's the last video on my list. Enjoy!

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