Sunday, April 26, 2009

Twitter Tabloids

"Twitter Tabloids" that's what I just may start referring to entertainment sites/magazines as if they continue to publish absurd stories about celebrity's Twitter feeds.
As if the Ashton Kutcher/CNN race to a million followers wasn't ridiculous enough, entertainment sites are scouring EVERY celebrity Twitter page in hopes of breaking the next "big" story. Today was the guilty party. They published an article about Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas (for those of you that have been living under a rock they once dated) spending time together. The article's goal was to prove that rumors stating the two tween stars are getting back together is totally false. Their proof? Miley Cyrus' Twitter feed. True they are words directly from Cyrus, but in 140 characters can you really establish both a solid context and factual accuracy?
I admit I follow a number of celebrities on Twitter, not because I want to stalk them or really care about what they are craving for breakfast, but mostly because I think it's interesting to compare their updates to those of your average joe (like myself). I also enjoy seeing Twitter being put to good use, like in the case of Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore (in the interest of full disclosure I follow them both). The Hollywood power couple is using the service to gain attention to important causes. Recently they've asked users to help raise money for mosquito nets (it sounds silly but in reality is an important cause).
Last week stars used Twitter to respond to the Miss California's Perez Hilton question response during the Miss USA pageant. Miley Cyrus was just one of the celebrities to go back and forth with Perez Hilton on the topic. The conversation was incredibly intriguing but again got me it newsworthy?
I hope that the entertainment media stops scrutinizing Twitter (although they won't), because my fear is that it will result in celebrities not feeling comfortable sharing their thoughts with the world. One slip up on Twitter and you could cost yourself a career.
My Twitter followers don't quite compete with the likes of Ashton or Demi, but it's still amazing to think that ANYONE cares what's going on in my life.
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