Wednesday, April 1, 2009

American Idol or American DreamZ

I am convinced there is a conspiracy on American Idol.  Last night I watched for about an hour of the hour and 25 minute show.  I thought none of the performances were stellar and I thought one was particularly terrible.  That was Danny Gokey's butchering of my favorite Rascal Flatts song "What Hurts the Most."  I thought he absolutely mutilated a beautiful song and was sure that the judges would feel the same way.  To my SHOCK all of the judges loved it.  Maybe its because I am not musical or whatever but I thought it was just dreadful.  Hence when I starting believing in a conspiracy.  If any of you have seen the movie American DreamZ with Mandy Moore and Hugh Grant and various others, this movie parodies Idol and basically makes it out to be a total sham, showing the execs of the show hand picking the top 3 before the show even gets under way.  Here are the reasons I believe the folks over at Idol have already picked Danny Gokey to win:
1. His wife just died: that SUCKS it is super sad and so he gets a total sympathy vote (and mine too0
2. His grandpa just died. repeat above reason
3. He is the director of a Church choir - good for the kids and a wholesome image. 
4. He's not a terrible singer or terribly unfortunate looking
5. Finally - He's an all American boy from Wisconsin - repeat wholesome image. 

Now while I really hope this is not the case, I think my points are valid.  I guess we'll have to wait and see how this progresses.  Leave a comment if you agree/disagree or think I'm just a conspiracy theorist.  

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