Monday, April 13, 2009

Hannah Montana Owns the Box Office

I don't think anyone in the entertainment world was shocked when the box office figures from this past weekend were released. "The Hannah Montana Movie" owned the top spot grossing 34 million dollars, over five million more than its closest competitor "Fast and the Furious".
What gets me is that respectable adult media outlets aren't slamming the Disney flick. From Access Hollywood to ABC entertainment reporters are claiming this isn't all that bad of a movie. As a result I'm slightly torn. I have licked almost every one of Miley Cyrus' radio singles. Her music is catchy, she has a goody-two-shoes charm that appeals to the goody-two-shoes in me, and having seen an episode of "Hannah Montana" or two I can say I kind of like the quirky character that Disney developed. So the question is as follows: Do I spend the money to see the film and risk social suicide, or do I follow the unwritten code of adult-hood that denies me the opportunity to willingly see the kid oriented film?
The mature me says this movie will be retarded and I shouldn't waste my money. The kid in me says that you only live once and I should go for it. I can't tell if I really want to see it or if I really just want to procrastinate growing up. I liked being able to go see "The Lizzie McGuire Movie" because at the time it was age appropriate. I don't like that all of a sudden I've been cast out of an entire marketing group.
So maybe before I graduate I'll take one last leap into the world of kid-dom in an attempt to prolong my head first dive into adulthood. Maybe....

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