Saturday, March 14, 2009

Melrose Place Casting News

I've got bad news. The CW's new edition of "Melrose Place" just got an a new cast mate. It's been announced that Ashlee Simpson (yes THAT Ashlee Simpson) is going to be joining the primetime drama.
Why is this a bad thing? Oh let me count the ways...
First of all, did you see Ashlee in "7th Heaven"? (I don't blame you if you didn't, the show sucked after Jessica Biel left and Ashlee didn't join until it was into it's ten zillionth season). Ashlee Simpson is one of the worst actresses I've ever seen. The worst part is that you know the CW is going to pull a Disney channel and try to exploit Simpson's "singing talents" (I use quotes because I don't think she can sing either...SNL...). Let me guess...Ashlee plays a character with a "hidden" talent that is exposed in an episode consisting of a big concert of some sort where she suddenly is thrust into the lime light and then wows the crowd with a new single that will immediately appear on iTunes following the show. Pardon my cynicism, I just feel like I've seen that before.
You'd think the CW would have learned form it's predecessor's mistake. Look at the trailer I found for the introduction of Ashlee's character on the WB's "7th Heaven" below. Tell me that didn't blow up in their face...

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