Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Some Things Should Just Come to an End...

I know that the Disney Channel is known for milking all of its successes for everything they're worth...but their latest move in the "High School Musical" franchise is pushing it.
Much like TV shows that have survived for too many seasons (I'm looking at you "One Tree Hill") and are now without the original cast that accounted for much of its success, the HSM franchise is moving beyond the roots that made it popular in the first place.
Disney has announced that production for the fourth installment of the franchise will start later this year, and the movie will air on the Disney Channel in 2010. Here are some of the many things wrong with that scenario:
*Going over a year without a movie spells trouble...your market is young and quickly growing, many of the fans may no longer be around...especially when the original film's stars are pulling them towards their new more adult projects.
*The screenwriter of the series may be returning, but without the original cast you might as well have changed the name and attempted to build a new franchise because nothing but the title will work the same way.
*I'm thrilled to see Disney pouring money into musicals...I'm a fan of the arts and love that all of a sudden musicals are cool again. Be careful though. If you over-do something it'll kill it. Don't make HSM into a joke and ruin everything the franchise has already done up to this point.
* Don't make this into a "Bring it On". Just because that franchise has continued to find success doesn't mean it's good. If you have to put the film back on the Disney Channel it means that the audience will be less, the budget will be smaller, and the overall quality will likely be poor. Don't screw over your fans by taking a step backwards in production quality.

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