Wednesday, March 18, 2009

LeAnn Rimes the cheater?

Rumor has it LeAnn Rimes can't fight the "Northern Lights," because apparently she got a little to into her latest film role opposite Eddie Cibrian.  Although she told Regis and Kelly that all is hunkey-dorey, Us weekly is reporting that Rimes cheated on her husband with her co-star during filming.(I mean who can blame her if it IS true, Eddie Cirbrian is HOT)  Contradictorily, she wrote on her personal webpage that she's going through a tough time right now, but for some reason her husband has Twittered that he stands by his wife.  Well this is all just pretty complicated.  I love LeAnn Rimes, I think she has a great voice, but I think that her latest acting venture has led to nothing but trouble.  Perhaps this is just a little PR stunt to try and get some press for her new movie, since well, we all know a Lifetime movie aint gonna win her any awards.  She should have just stopped after her cameo in Coyote Ugly. If in fact she is a cheater, I will lose some respect for her, but I'll probably still listen to her music.  I always thought she got married too young, but whatever, nobody asked me.  I do hope that everything works out for her and husband, and if you wanna check out the chemistry between the pair, check out their Lifetime movie which aires this weekend!

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Danny Trejo said...

Truly, she's not denying it. But I feel bad about her because of Eddie's comment about this, denying it and all that.. She might be heart broken.