Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Really Miley, is This the Best You Can Do?

I first heard Miley Cyrus' new single, "The Climb" on XM20on20... I'll admit that I have ended up liking the vast majority of her music (probably due to the incredible exposure it has received both on radio and in the bars I frequent), and "The Climb" was no different.
It is a catchy tune with a great message. I used to have a tennis coach in high school who always told us, "It's not the destination, it's the journey." "The Climb" reiterates that message, and thus hits close to home for me.
Having seen the trailer for the "Hannah Montana Movie" I know that the song is featured in the film and on its soundtrack. This normally doesn't bode well for a single's music video as producers always attempt to throw in bits of the film for promotional purposes. Still, upon having seen the video for "The Climb" I was flabbergasted. This is quite possibly the worst music video I have seen in years (and I watch CMT).
First of all, Cyrus looks as though she just climbed out of bed throughout the entire thing. I'm not sure if this was done to finally make her look her age (16), or because the hair and makeup budget was non-existent for this shoot. Second, the green screen images are ridiculous. The heavenly aura cast around Miley's head looks retarded. Third, they really didn't feature all that much of the film. They stole a couple of looks from the movie's trailer, but they didn't use it to build on the storyline.
Disney needed to take lessons from "A Walk To Remember". Mandy Moore's single from that film had one of the best movie/music videos ever. It told a story, promoted the film, and didn't make audiences want to vomit. Instead, Miley's latest single is losing credibility with every view the video gets. It's a shame that such a great song got such poor treatment.

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