Sunday, February 8, 2009

What's Going On with Jessica Simpson?

Not that many people really care about her anymore, but Jessica Simpson has really started to slip even further off the charts.  Not even a week after being slammed about her weight, Simpson lost it during the her show in Grand Rapids on Thursday.   Simpson admitted on stage that it had been a "rough week" and it really showed through in her performance.  She was shaky, forgot words, and even had to start over during one of her songs.  While fans are standing behind her saying that she seems healthy and just shy, I think she has really hit a new low.  While I feel bad for her, I think she should really stop trying.  After her break-up with Nick Lachey, she's basically gone off the deep end.  Her music was never that great to begin with and now to start over a country singer is really getting desperate.  She used to be headlining tours and now she's been reduced to an opener for country sensation Rascal Flatts. If you ask me, I think she needs some time out of the spotlight to do something other than music, because clearly its not working for her.  

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