Monday, February 2, 2009

The Office Post- Superbowl Extravaganza

Having a spot after the Superbowl is pretty lucrative for any television show, so high expectations are sure to be attached.  Luckily for The Office, they went above and beyond.  For those of you who enjoy the show, you know there have been many episodes that left you with a pain in your stomach from laughing so hard.  I never really thought anything could top last season's "Dinner Party" however "Stress Relief" was the funniest.  ever. Every single character had several hilarious lines and Steve Carell was really on his game.  For me, being the hopeless romantic I am, really loved the Jim/Pam goodness.  Best fictional couple, EVER.  In addition to being absolute insanity, they also debuted a new opening credit sequence, which featured everyone from the cast, plus a few great clips, which was a great upgrade.  Although certain characters are more dominant than others, the show wouldn't be what it is without every single member of the cast.  The opener is posted in the blog directly below since I haven't fully figured out how to use this site! Enjoy!!!!
As Michael Scott would say, this episode was "boss"
Remember when people used to say "boss" when they were describing something really cool. Like, "those shoulder pads are really boss man." "Look at that perm, that perm is so boss!" It's what made me want to become a boss. And I looked so good in a perm and shoulder pads. But now, boss is just slang, for jerk in charge. - Michael Scott

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