Monday, February 2, 2009

More "New Moon" Casting Non-Sense

Twilight fans have been left in a limbo after the initial thrill of the series, and now the dust settling around the first film. As a result they've had nothing better to do than speculate about the casting for the next film in the franchise: New Moon.
At first fans got their shorts in a knot when Vanessa Hudgens was named as a possible character, then came news that Dakota Fanning was offered a part. The Dakota rumor was given more juice this week when Privileged star Lucy Hale (you've also seen her in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2) said she auditioned for the same role as Fanning and was confident that Fanning was offered the role.
Both Hale and Fanning read for the role of Jane. While I understand this is major casting news, I don't understand why people care nearly so much. Jane is not even that substantial of a character in New Moon. That doesn't mean that Hollywood WON'T make Jane into a substantial character in the movie version. Three quarters of New Moon focus on the relationship triangle between Edward, Bella, and Jacob.
The key is for people not to have a coronary quite yet. Dakota Fanning may not be the ideal Jane in reader's eyes, but Hollywood has worked miracles in the past, and her insignificance as a character may result in her being overlooked in favor of the important roles (like Jacob) anyway.


Kristen Wehling said...

I wasn't too keen on the idea of Dakota Fanning playing Jane, but judging by the looks of some of her more recent photos I believe that she is blossoming into a well-rounded actress and can play up the character of Jane. Hopefully.

go god!!!912 said...

i dont think she can. sorry.