Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chris Brown: Villian or Victim?

It is easy in Hollywood to take sides. The 'facts' are often blow out of proportion, or are just plain wrong. People with no involvement whatsoever in the matter (T.I., Terrence Howard, Kanye West) release statements that further muddy the waters. And the individual who is at the center of the scandal gets irreparable damage done to their image over a matter that may just be a simple misunderstanding.
I'm not defending Chris Brown. I don't know the circumstances of his recent predicament well enough to make a statement either against him or in his defense. Sadly other news organizations don't feel the same way. Chris' alleged abuse of girlfriend Rihanna has escalated into a media frenzie that rivals the Michael Phelps pot picture and the A-Rod steroid scandal.
Lets say this is true. Let's say that Brown and Rihanna got in a heated argument and he hit her. I'm certainly not condoning that type of behavior, but should one mistake (especially if Rihanna did not suffer any physical harm from the incident) cost Brown his career?
Brown's image has been built around a squeaky clean, and wholesome core. Take that away and not only will Brown lose lucrative marketing deals (Wrigleys and Milk have already pulled Brown spots) he'll lose a large chunk of the fan base that has propelled him to stardom.
Also, why is everyone so quick to jump on Rihanna's bandwagon. Is it possible that she got pissed and allowed the situation to get out of hand. Maybe she falsified her story. Automatically assuming her innocance could be a serious flaw.

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Anonymous said...

Great article !
Maybe Rihanna isn't that wise and innocent...
But everybody jump out to this conclusion : he's a bad guy who beats women.

We shouldn't talk about it since we don't know how things really happened there. But they are celebrities... sad.