Friday, February 27, 2009

One Tree Hill: Good News Bad News

One Tree Hill fans thought they could rejoice. The CW ordered another season (the series' 7th) of the hit teen drama...the bad news? Series stars Chad Michael Murray and Hillarie Burton are out.
As far as I'm concerned the show has just announced it's ending after this season. You can't ditch two of the main cast members and expect life to be just peachy in Tree Hill.
Think back to another teen drama with a similar fate: "7th Heaven". The longest running family drama is television history plummeted in its final seasons and left fans angry and confused after almost all of the original cast members pulled out of the series. The show about a family had to start adopting kids in order to fill the gaping holes left by the departure of...well...the family. Hillarie Burton is One Tree Hill's Jessica Biel. Without her, the show can go on, but it shouldn't.
I love the show's other characters. Sophia Bush, James Lafferty, and Bethany Joy Galeotti have done a spectacular job in their own right...but there will always be a big piece of the puzzle missing.

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