Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Jonas Brothers to Engage in Another Shameless Plug

I write this only because while watching Gossip Girl the other night a fellow EBUZZer texted me in extreme joy after seeing a commercial featuring the Jonas Brothers. The commercial was advertising a CW special, airing next week during 90210 and Privileged where the Jonas Brothers will act as hosts introducing promos and behind the scenes footage.
Usually an act reserved for the Disney Channel, the CW is hoping to channel the young star's energy-and fans-into their Tuesday night lineup. 90210 has already faired well with audiences while Privileged has teetered on the brink of success. The network is hoping the JoBros will encourage viewers to stick around for another hour, while the JoBros hope that viewers will be so inspired by their "behind the scenes" features that they'll shell out upscene amounts of money to watch their 3-D concert when it hits theaters in a few weeks.
Shameless betcha. Will I be watching?...not because of the Jonas Brothers, but yes. Will the Jonas Brothers successfully bring new audiences to the CW as a result of their presence?...looks like it, as according to my text they'll have at least one new viewer on Tuesday.

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Anonymous said...

Oh to be back in the day where music was purely entertainment and not a business, people had to actually practice singing without synthesizers and auto-tunes oh yes and when music was original. Those days are over thank you Disney Channel!
-half italian stallion