Friday, August 10, 2007

Lindsay's Bodyguard agrees with me too!

Have you read any of the numerous articles featuring insight from La Lohan's former bodyguard? If not you should...just for sh*ts and giggles. Lohan's former bodyguard describes numerous instances where her parents were negligent (really? No way...I can't imagine...Dina Lohan not a good parent? ((sorry I'm going overboard here. Just making a point)).
The story is that Lindsay was begging for attention. She attempted suicide, did drugs, had sex...and the consequences...well until now anyways...nothing.
Compare this story to Hollywood's "good girls" the Hilary Duffs, Miley Cyrus', and Amanda Bynes whose parents have played an integral role in their upbringing. As previously mentioned in this blog Miley's parents aren't only strict....they're making it sharing their parenting methods with millions of readers. There are consequences to Miley's wrongdoings (the People article mentioned punishments for crimes like buying a super-expensive purse without permission...things young starlets like Lindsay seem to do all the time).
What Amanda Bynes said in her interview on Access Hollywood really go to me though. She said because her parents are strict and they have such high expectations for her she is afraid to dissapoint them. I don't think Lindsay ever felt that way. She never had those expectations placed upon her (her dad spent most of his time in jail...). Bynes said she would be embarrassed and would feel guilty if she was shown in a negative light or caught doing something inappropriate. Again, I don't think Lindsay would know that emotion. And for that I ALMOST feel bad for her. Parents are an integral part in our lives and in the way we grow up. For young Hollywood the expectations and pressure of the media can be very difficult to handle...making it even more important for them to have a safety net and support system at home. Without it...I think you end up like Lindsay....fighting for attention from the people who SHOULD be giving it to you anyways---her parents.

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