Thursday, August 2, 2007

I've Got the Music in Me!!!

I have always been a music person. I have sang and danced for as long as I can remember. And it is because of this love of music that I am even more excited to see this new wave of musical mania!
It started with Disney's gutsy release of High School Musical. Their risk paid off as millions tuned in to sign with a new generation of Disney stars. Kids couldn't get enough of the teen hearthrobs that graced the screen and soon solo albums were released and tv specials aired. This was just the start of a new genre and a new target audience. This summer music fans can rejoice as Hollywood attempts to tap into that target audience once again.
Hairspray is a star-studded film that delivers a punch as it stays true to its musical roots while at the same time showing off its cinematic style. The casting is perfect, the music is catchy, and the laughter can't be helped. John Travolta, Michelle Pfiffer, Brittany Snow, Amanda Bynes, Zac Efron, Elijah Kelly, Christopher Walken, James Marsden, Queen Latifah, and newcomer Nikki Blonski are all spectacular and you can't help but leave the theatre smiling when all is said (or sung) and done.
Hairspray starts the musical theatre, then-in case you've lived in a box and haven't noticed- Dinsey is picking up where it left off to bring you the much aniticipated High School Musical 2. Disney has already milked this for all it's worth by promoting other shows through specially placed sneak peak packages throughout the summer.
Other muscially related shows are also finding much success. I have already talked about Hannah Montana...Nickelodeon is also reportintg that they too will have a show with a similar premise out this fall. NBC and FOX have come out with lyric trivia games. Movie channels are showing Rent, Chicago, Phantom of the Opera, and other musical classics turned movies.
Tickets for live musicals are also getting a boost. Just recently in Michigan a run of Wicked was sold out so quickly that it has already been reschedualed and tickets have already gone on sale for shows NEXT year.
Personally I'm loving all of this. I have seen a handful of live musicals and hope that more people get to experience that form of entertainment. Movies aren't the same...but they can do justice to a show that people might otherwise not be able to see.
It's Grease mania all over again...and I'm all for it.

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