Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I've had it. The whole Brit and K-Fed ordeal is driving me insane. I feel awful for their children. I don't care who gets custody at this point...neither looks good. A report on claims that Britney has called her kids "mistakes" and has done such aggregious things as leave them in soiled diapers and force feed them coffee. Even Britney's family is for K-Fed getting custody of the kids. And yet, I still KFed a "better" choice than Britney? For the kids' sake I certainly hope so. I want to believe Kevin is a loving and doting father who will give his kids all the love and attention they deserve. But this IS the same KFed that relased "Playing with Fire" (an album with the same name as Hilary Duff's hit the way) to less than enthused crowds (those cancelled shows ring a bell?).
Out of this whole ordeal what upsets me most has been the media's reaction and their pursual of all things Brit and K-Fed. Were you aware that there is a younger know Jamie of Nickelodeon's Zoey 101...Kid Choice Award Winner...etc. Yeah she is what Britney used to be...a role model...a clean cut version of what society hopes their girls will grow up to be. And yet her achievements have been sadly overshadowed by her failure of a sister's. It reminds me of my elementary (and even high school) days. You would do something great...but the idiot in the back row that got in trouble all the time would always be the one getting the attention. As a result the kids in trouble were often some of the most popular...every one else was easily ignored.
I hope that Jamie Lynn learns from her big sister's ways. I hope that she follows in the footsteps of the Hilary Duffs of the world instead. To think that I used to be a Britney fan makes me sick. I never really saw her as a role model, per say...I just always looked at her with an intense envy and jealousy. I wanted to live her life. I thought she was so fortunate to be able to do all the things she got to all the places she got to travel, etc. She took it all for granted. But maybe, as a result, she was a better role model than I thought. She taught me what NOT to do with my life. I just hope that others out there got that same message.

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